Sisters are the best friend as well as mother most of the time. Sisters, especially when you have elder one then she would behave like our mother most of the time. When you have younger one then she would be your first child. Because you will be behaving like her mother.

But when you have twin sister, then she is your everything. World says, we come alone and go alone but you have twin then you come with your first and last enemy and bestie as well.

Nature of life

Life changes its path with every moment around the world. We never know what will be next happening.

One should be ready to face all the surprises planned by nature, either surprise shocked, upset us or make us smile.

Save nature to get the best possible surprises.

He is very far from me,

Love You are very far from me, But still close to my heart, loves you till the last breath but be with me forever we last, holding my hand looking up in the open sky, memorising the moments of love, The next day you will forget me but tell your heart to remember me. Want […]

He is very far from me,

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👩‍🏫 “Teachers” 👨‍🏫

Teachers are the building blocks of the society. They are blessed by the Almighty. As they are gifted by God.

When we are in problem and everytime God won’t be able to come, so he created TEACHERS. To help us and give us the best possible solution and show us the right path.

Teachers show us our final destination, show us our path and also teaches us how to walk on that path.

When I was small my parents used to say that, “Teacher is second mother”. I won’t believe that because, my teacher used to be very strict about everything. I didn’t like her during school days but now when I see my kids talking about their teachers I remember my teacher how she used to be caring like mother, strict like father, friendly like sister. Now I wish, if I could go back to school days and enjoy every moment with my teachers.

I really miss my teachers. Let’s recall our school days with teacher and try to live that moment again.

This article is offer to my teachers. I am looking forward that you would dedicate something to your teachers. 💐Thanking my teachers for giving me good values and making me a good human being.


‘Betrayal’ in today’s world became very common . [Betrayal means to cheat or to be unfaithful]

Many of you have been betrayed by some one else and may be you betray some one. Most of the people get cheated in love.

Defaulting person may think, “What happens or betrayal does to person?” The aggrieved person may suffer from depression, mental stress and anxiety disorder. And most importantly he/she will not be able to trust anyone else anymore .

This is one side of a coin the other side is, it is not always that the person who betrayed you is guilty or he/she has done this purposely it can be due to some reasons it won’t be easy for that person. Or it can be our misunderstanding.

Don’t trust anyone blindly and don’t doubt anyone on small misunderstanding. Specifically in love because it is a very great feeling just live it.

Someone said very nice lines, “Live the life you love, Love the life you live “.

Learning to ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a great feeling, it feels like we are flying in sky. Learning to ride bicycle is easy as well as hard. The one who struggles more, for him/her it is easy to ride but one who fails to struggle it is very difficult to ride. Learning to ride a bicycle increases our confidence and we get idea of life, if we don’t understand the lesson then we would fall. Riding bicycle is not just for joy but we get moral from it that though we fall, we have to get up and ride. Same in our lives when we fail to do something we don’t have to lose our hope but we have to get up and fight with the situation.

Riding a bicycle is like a caged bird got freedom. It teaches lot of things. The way we balance bicycle while riding in that same manner we have to balance our life with happiness and peace.