‘Betrayal’ in today’s world became very common . [Betrayal means to cheat or to be unfaithful]

Many of you have been betrayed by some one else and may be you betray some one. Most of the people get cheated in love.

Defaulting person may think, “What happens or betrayal does to person?” The aggrieved person may suffer from depression, mental stress and anxiety disorder. And most importantly he/she will not be able to trust anyone else anymore .

This is one side of a coin the other side is, it is not always that the person who betrayed you is guilty or he/she has done this purposely it can be due to some reasons it won’t be easy for that person. Or it can be our misunderstanding.

Don’t trust anyone blindly and don’t doubt anyone on small misunderstanding. Specifically in love because it is a very great feeling just live it.

Someone said very nice lines, “Live the life you love, Love the life you live “.

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